We have some friend in our class but we don’t notice them.Do you know who are they?They are none other than the Pencil,Eraser and Sharpner.We mostly say that head and tail are the two sides of the same coin.There is the relationship that disagree  with this quotes.Is pencil,eraser and sharpner not complete.They are like the thrice brothers.In the absence of one ,others are meaningless.

So,I think the one who had  introduced and discovered the pencil had discovered eraser and sharpner at the same time.Their relationship is just like the complementary and supplmentary angle(commonly mathematics).I start up the bond and relationship as from the relationship of those class materials.

Nowadays,our relationship have become so weak that people are getting divorced,leaving home,shifting parents to oldage home.It creates separation,dissatisfaction,rudeness and manymore.People have forgotten the value and important of relationship.We must not do that.Those animals,birds sacrifie their life for their babies but we the human being sacrifies our own babies for the fulfillmentof our selfish desires.We are the human being but we are not eligible to call as human due to our unfair deeds.

so,lets forget all the unfairness,bitterness and wrong deeds.I have given the example of those things because the things that we touch and do with are those stuffs.So,the new generation may understand it better and clearly


Smiling Books

so first it may sound weird that the book can smile but its true.It doesnot mean that the book will smile like the human beings or other things.Its the smiling and laughing of the feeling that it inhert.Once there used to be the time of exchanging books,letters,templates now the people found so busy that they have forgotten themselves.So what’s the relationship between the books and busy life.It is the matter of great thinking.

we are so fond of playing games.Its hamphers our both physical and mental condition but  we never stops but the one which develop the mental attributes,value we are ignoring . If the games are supposed to be printed in book and level of game is supposed to class.When you cross the level we are upgraded to next Likewise when you read the book pass the class you are upgraded to next.

It may be too fun.There are many great personality who became famous due to their good habit of studing books deeply.Once there was a boy who had the keen habit of studing books.His friends used to tease him because of his habit.He ignored all of them  and continuous his study.Do you know who is he?
Any guess.He is the 16th president of USA none other than Abraham Lincoln.So,we must take inspiration from them.

Then and there the books get smiled.